The Wobbly Ranch

A home for the wobbly ones

Frequently asked questions 


What was your inspiration for adding Goat Yoga to your farm?

-          Let’s face it- it’s plain fun! The goats love being around people and they love getting attention! The world needs more things like goat yoga.  Because we operate as a private sanctuary, we do not rely on donations to operate the farm. Instead we do things like goat yoga to raise money to provide a home for more animals.

Will the goats jump on me?

-          Maybe. Maybe not. All of the goats that live here were rescued. This is first and foremost their home. We never ever expect the goats to do anything they do not want to do. They are more likely to meander around you, while silently judging your yoga technique before deciding to take a nap on your mat.

Will there be poop?

-          YES! Without a doubt there will be poop. Goat poop is not gross. It’s small pellets that are easily brushed away. We provide yoga mats and have lots of towels on hand if nature calls. You should be prepared though and dress accordingly.

Will the goats try to eat my clothes?

-          It is possible that they may try to nibble on your clothes. However most formfitting yoga clothes will not present this problem.

Are you a dairy?

-          NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! All of the goats who live here were rescued from neglect or abuse. In fact, 4 of the boys who live here were rescued from a dairy. This is their forever home. They will never be sold for meat or used for milk. 

Can my friend/boyfriend/husband/sister come take pictures of me?

-          Everyone must have a reservation. We have limited amount of yoga space and  we need to be sure we know how many people are coming prior to the class.

Is there a minimum age?

-          Well behaved children 8 and older are welcome in any of our classes.

Do you offer refunds?

-         Sorry no refunds. If you want to reschedule your class you can do so by contacting me directly at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled class.