The Wobbly Ranch

A home for the wobbly ones

Providing a home for the wobbly ones can be an expensive venture. To help offset some of our cost we offer weekly goat yoga classes. This is an absolutely amazing experience! The goats love showing off their yoga moves and you will love spending time with them. Each session is about 2 hours. The first hour you will be led through a yoga class by one of our trained yoga instructors while the goats wander around perfecting your technique. The second hour you are welcome to stay and spend time with the goats, giving them all the love they deserve. If you are interested in signing up for Goat Yoga please click on one of the links below.  We need at least 15 people for each class so be sure to tell your friends.  

Upcoming Goat Yoga Classes

Autumn Goat Yoga

Holiday Goat Yoga

New Year's Goat Yoga 

Valentine's Goat Yoga