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Snow Days!

Part of my 2019 goals is to add to our blog on a weekly basis. I also want to send out the newsletter with regularity (HA!!). While I had intended to start this in January, our plans got a bit derailed. In all honesty I did in fact write a post on grief last month but I don’t think I am ready to share that with you yet. Plus, I think we should kick off this endeavor on a joyful note. So, this will still be a New Year’s resolution of sorts, we are just going to follow the Chinese calendar instead. 


What is more joyful than goats in the snow? Not much! Most of the kids have been having a BLAST playing in the snow. Eli especially is fascinated with it. Even as I type this, looking out the window, there he is standing in the pasture watching the horses frolik in the pasture behind ours. This is usually Hermie’s post. He loves watching “farm TV” but it seems that he is not as eager as Eli, to get his hooves wet. 


Seamus, on the other hand, has been less than impressed with the cold white stuff falling from the sky. The first day he had NO intention of going outside. He usually follows me everywhere I go, but apparently, we found the line. I tried to get him out but I also don’t want to force him if he doesn’t want to participate. The second day we were able to coax him out but only for a few minutes before he decided that he had had enough. 


 Everyone else has really been enjoying it! Mouse likes to the eat it while the babies like to hope through like a couple of snow bunnies. 


To be perfectly honest, I think I am on team Seamus when it comes to the snow. It is fun for a few minutes, but really it should be enjoyed visually, from inside a warm barn.